The celebrity tiny bikini is here to haunt your summer holiday nightmares

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If these celebrity bikini pictures are anything to go by, swimwear just got a whole lot smaller. Drat.

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© Instagram/Rihanna

When was there a vote that bikinis needed to become smaller and who forgot to invite us? Because we definitely would have said 'no' to that.

Celebrities that been swanning around on the beach this winter have been pioneering the microscopic fashion trend.

Oh what fresh hell is this.

Obviously Rihanna was straight in there with a gold bikini top that was so small, she later abandoned it completely to sunbathe topless, realising it was futile.

Then Blurred Lines' Emily Ratajkowski topped that with barely-there-bikini pants. Someone's waxer deserves a bonus.

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© Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski on the set of her rumoured Sports Illustrated cover shoot

Even Lea Michele is getting in on the action with some teeny bikini bottoms on a holiday in Mexico.

We're not disputing they all look amazing but it can't be long before this type of teeny bikini besieges the high street - we just wanted you to be mentally prepared.

As if shopping for swimwear wasn't already our favourite day of the year, next to having a smear test of course.

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© Twitter

Lea Michele spends some quality time with a tree in Mexico

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