12 best films for holiday ideas

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These movies are giving us terrible wanderlust and making us want to book a holiday now.

Roman Holiday

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Looking for inspiration for your next big adventure?

Turn to the silver screen and pick from this raft of films that are giving us a serious case of itchy feet.

12 films to get holiday ideas from

Roman Holiday

The achingly beautiful styling, the city setting, Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck – swoon.

Everything about this classic black and white film makes us smile from beginning to end. All we need is a neckerchief, a one way ticket to Rome and a moped.

The Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson's fantastic quirky film about brothers on an emotional journey makes us want to travel India on a train. And get some custom Louis Vuitton luggage.

The Beach

The pristine white sands, the turquoise sea and the feeling of being miles away from anyone.

You can actually visit the location for the film on Phi Phi Island in Thailand, however being a huge tourist destination – you will be anything but alone.

Still, the film makes you dream of your our own deserted paradise.

Dirty Dancing

Summer camps never looked so cool. Dance classes and croquet by day – secret raves by night.

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Art, food, wine, sunshine, passion, Javier Bardem. Sold.

The Holiday

Clue's in the title. We equally want a snowy cottage in the British countryside and a trip to LA. And Jude Law.

The Shipping News

It's not just about sun, sea and sand. Set in Newfoundland, this film about being remote in a snowy fishing town makes you want to pack a wooley jumper, all those books you've never read and hunker down by a roaring fire with a bottle of red wine.

Blue Crush

Bad film, amazing setting. Surfer chicks riding the waves in Oahu, Hawaii. Can we go pleeeasssseeee?

The Sound of Music

Austria – home of lonely goat herds, romantic midnight singing and hills that come alive. We're already making our clothes out of curtains in anticipation.

Midnight in Paris

Paris is magical anyway – but we long to find the secret Parisian world which captivates Owen Wilson so.

Eat Pray Love

How many women quit their jobs and went travelling after watching Eat Pray Love? Or at least schemed about it?

Lord of the Rings

The breath-taking landscape of Middle Earth is to be found in New Zealand. Gandalf road trip?



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