Remote places to visit and escape the World Cup

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If you're anything like us, you may want to put your head in the sand when the World Cup comes along. So, why not consider these places to escape when the going's good?

Doing anything around the World Cup? More especially are you trying to avoid it?

Don't get us wrong, it's all good fun but not after the umpteenth match...

We thought we'd let you know about a few remote places to escape to, just in case it all gets a little much.

Isle of Skye


© Kinloch Lodge

Tiny villages and historic keeps are familiar and fascinating and dotted everywhere.

You'll be transported away from the hustle and bustle and the cheering from your sofa.

Go on wild walks, take a boat ride into Loch Coruisk on the where you can walk, hike, swim and even stay overnight in complete isolation at Kinloch Lodge.

Porto Santo, Portugal


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Locals call this island "The Golden Island" because of the long stretches of beach.

Because Porto Santo is located in the middle of the Gulf Stream, tourists can swim in the sea even in winter.

Campo de Baixo is the longest sandy beach on the south coast so if you're officially on World Cup detox, take yourself further afield just in case.

Maro, Spain


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If you like to visit the beach to sunbathe but don't want the crowds, this is the perfect place for you.

The tiny village in the province of Malaga, lies on top of a cliff with the Med at its feet.

There are lots of small beaches to discover, and in many cases you'll be alone.

Sound like bliss?

Ikaria, Greece


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The concept of time in Ikaria is different from the rest of the world and it's worth visiting if only to experience a lifestyle long gone in the western world.

The island is dead until midday and shops open in the evening and stay open until the early morning hours.

It's not surprising that with such a relaxed lifestyle, people here have one of the highest life expectancy in the world.

Susak, Croatia


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Susak is a lil miracle.

Susak's soft beaches and bamboo-fringed sand paths are super lush, perfect for the ultimate getaway.

The island is car free and there are no hotels - just a few pretty, renovated old fisherman houses.

The two villages on the island are connected by stairs, where cute guesthouses serve freshly caught fish and island wine harvested in the sand.

Dannholmen, Sweden

Dannholmen sweden - remote places to escape the world cup in europe - travel feature - travel bag -

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Make like Ingrid Bergman did years ago and escape to this little island off the west coast of Sweden.

And there are some 8,000 islands scattered off the west coast, and only a few are inhabited.

With only a few hotels, and a whole lot of outdoor activities to make the most of, you'll be worlds away from the footie in this place.

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