8 tips for sunbathing topless for the first time

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Prudes look away now - the puppies are being released...

Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson tweets photo of herself sunbathing topless on holiday

© Twitter / Lucy Watson

If you want an all over boob tan or are just really ticked off with your bikini top – then try going topless this summer.

Kelly Brook is a fan and this week Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson joined the club, showing off some side boob action on Instagram (pictured). But if you fancy popping your topless cherry this summer, how do you go about it the right way?

1. Where are you?
Location is key to going topless. If you are in your garden, then go nuts (probably wait until the family BBQ is over mind). If you are on the beach, it's always best to check before hand if it is the type of place that is ok with topless nudity. Certain countries, towns and beaches are not cool about it and you may even be breaking the law. Do your homework.

2. Going solo or a group activity
If you are not known for getting your baps out – you may want to judge the situation. Away with the boyfriend, miles from home, then all systems go. On a girl's holiday? A pre-emptive, 'I'm going topless ladies' before disrobing may be an idea before you startle them.

3. Read the crowd
If there are other women doing it, then you've got a green light. Likewise if there is no one else around. If you're not too sure but think it's ok, be discreet and just sunbath topless on your sun lounger – cover up before wandering off to get a Mr Whippy.

4. Don't make a fuss
Either do it, or don't. Don't dither, debate the merits, squeal, or talk the talk for an hour before deciding to do it. This kind of behaviour will only attract attention and it's kind of annoying.

5. Don't get handsy
Going topless is one thing, crossing that line into beach canoodling is another. If you are with your other half, smack his hands away if he gets tempted to have a little tweak or a grope – it crosses the line into inappropriate.

6. Wear protection
Your breast skin is very delicate and is not often exposed to the sun. Wear a high factor sun cream and protect your precious boobs from harmful rays that could lead to sunburn. Reapply often.

7. Don't compare yourself
Ignore than bronzed Brazilian Gisele lookalike strolling along with her perky boobs out. You look ace. Just enjoy the sun and grab a fruity cocktail.

8. Wear 'em with pride
Don't blush, fidget, half attempt to cover them up – especially if someone is talking to you. It'll just make you look uncomfortable, and make them feel uneasy. Relax and forget about it.




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